tool grinding machine HELITRONIC VISION 700 L
High-end for long tools or production parts


Basic Data

The HELITRONIC VISION 700 L tool grinding machine  produces long rotationally symmetrical tools in a highly  productive manner. It handles tools with a length of up to 700 millimeters and a tool diameter of 3 to 200 mm.


Gantry design

The WALTER mineral cast gantry design for optimal tool surfaces. The machine provides you with excellent vibration damping, temperature sensitivity, drive dynamics and ultimately grinding precision.

Linear drive

All five CNC axes are equipped with linear drives and are controlled by the integrated high resolution measurement systems. They create exact movements while at the same time creating high dynamics.

Rotary axes

The HELITRONIC VISION 700 L tool grinding machine has a rotary axis C with a torque drive for a very high accuracy and durability. And a rotary axis A as a torque motor with a maximum of 750 min-1. For extended functionality, such as precise profile grinding or background lines.

Grinding wheel changer

A  grinding wheel changer is included in the standard equipment. With a capacity of 12 or 24 stations, it can be used to replicate the grinding performance of the HELITRONIC VISION 700 L. Wheel set and coolant supply are arranged as a compact unit on the changer.

Motor spindle

The powerful, directly powered motor spindle with a spindle end and 35 KW spindle power is directly attached to the C-axis.

Hardware / Software
  • Automation upper table: 1A /1A
  • Robot loader: max. 7,500 tools
  • Movable dresser
  • Sharpening stone: 3 places
  • Automatic tailstock: (pneumatic)
  • Automatic bezel: (pneumatic)
Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 675 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 50.000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 280 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 50.000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 700 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 50.000 mm/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 35 kW
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10.500 /min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 254 mm

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range C 210 °

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0 - 580 mm
Workpiece Diameter 3 - 195 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 50 kg

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 26.575 inch
Max. Travel Speed X 1.969 inch/min
Max. Travel Y 11.024 inch
Max. Travel Speed Y 1.969 inch/min
Max. Travel Z 27.559 inch
Max. Travel Speed Z 1.969 inch/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 47.587 hp
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10,500 rpm
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 10.000 inch

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range C 210 deg

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0 - 22.835 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0.118 - 7.677 inch
Max. Workpiece Weight 110.3 lbs
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Automatic electrical measurement of machine reference
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