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Research machine for the University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart has installed a tool grinding machine for research purposes. Walter Maschinenbau GmbH and the Institute for Machine Tools of the University of Stuttgart are thereby increasing their technical cooperation.


In December last year, WALTER provided the Institute for Machine Tools (IfW) at the University of Stuttgart with a CNC tool grinding machine for research purposes. The machine is intended to serve as a research facility for students. In addition to a weak-point analysis, other interesting research results will to be shared in close exchange with WALTER.


« We are pleased to make an important contribution to research with the installation of the CNC tool grinding machine. On the one hand, we naturally profit from the research results in the long term and on the other hand, it is an opportunity to inspire prospective engineers for a job at WALTER. »
Thomas Engelfried, Manager Technology Evaluation at WALTER

For the IfW it is the first CNC tool grinding machine ever. To be able to operate the machine correctly, several days of product training, completed at WALTER in Tübingen was necessary. For three days, an employee of the institute and a student learned to use the in-house grinding software HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO, with which rotationally symmetrical tools and production parts can be designed, programmed, simulated and produced. Afterwards they will be able to apply the acquired basic knowledge in practice in the institute directly on the tool grinding machine provided by WALTER.


« The training helped us to better understand the machine and the software as a whole. This machine enables our students to try out the theoretical knowledge acquired at the university directly in practice on the object. »
Jonas Duntschew, Research Assistant Process Monitoring and Control at the IfW

In the Institute for Machine Tools (IfW) at the University of Stuttgart, research projects in the field of design and optimization of machine tools and cutting production technology are carried out by over 30 research assistants and student assistants.

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