The additive machine tool for industrial 3D printing of metal parts

IMPACT 4530 LPBF Printer

Basic Data

IMPACT 4530, the modular and scalable additive machine tool for metal is "Made in Switzerland" and consistently designed according to the values of Industry 5.0.

The IMPACT 4530 supports the direct collaboration between man and intelligent machine through intuitive control and Big Data, always with the aim of enabling the user to achieve maximum productivity and flexibility while maintaining the required component quality.

From a stand-alone solution to a fully automated production line with integration of downstream processes, the IMPACT machine concept meets the highest demands in terms of flexibility and degree of automation.

Performance data:

  • 2, optionally 4 fiber lasers à 1 000 W
  • 2, optionally 4 scanners with 3D optics
  • Beam diameter laser 90 - 250 μm
  • Dimensions of build space 450 × 300 × 400 mm
  • Volume of build space approx. 54 liters

Your benefits:

  • Highly productive with up to 4 lasers with multi-beam strategy and full-field optics
  • Short non-productive times from print job to print job by automatic container changeover
  • High flexibility through easy and fast material changeover
  • Stable component quality due to thermostable machine core and optimum inert gas flow
  • Continuous logging of machine and sensor data
  • Machine accessible from 3 sides for maintenance
  • Reliability and durability - Made in Switzerland
Hardware / Software


  • Operating side is completely powder-free area
  • 24'' multi-touch C.O.R.E. panel for operation
  • 54'' screen in the operating door for process monitoring
  • Thermostable machine core with cast iron machine bed
  • Loading area separated from operating area
  • Gas-tight build and powder storage containers
  • Optical bench and process chamber mechanically decoupled
  • Supply unit in stable welded frame construction


  • C.O.R.E. OS Operating System
  • Build Processor with integrated Load Balancing
  • Process monitoring and control
  • Customized process database
  • Calibration, self-setup procedure
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IMPACT 4530 LPBF Printer – The additive machine tool for industrial additive manufacturing of metal parts.