Ivan, IT technician - Fritz Studer AG

"After solid vocational training in polymechanics at Fritz Studer AG, I had the opportunity to move through various parts of machine production within the company. I started in the technology department as a grinding technician. I then moved through production to grinding and then to the inspection department. Finally, I was able to enter the software development department as an application tester. I had already decided that I wanted to continue my training when I was working in the inspection department. I wanted to take a different direction without losing my existing experience. Further training in IT at the higher technical college made sense as this would give me a solid basis for the job of application developer. I was allowed to join the software development team and helped to develop the StuderWIN software even whilst I was still in training. None of these steps would have been possible without the support of Fritz Studer AG."

Michael, Site Manager - Irpd AG

"My professional background is based on my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. I still benefit today from the decision to complete an apprenticeship before studying. My apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic was a solid foundation for my subsequent mechanical engineering degree focusing on production planning and control. Whilst still studying, I had the opportunity to participate in various national and international projects in the field of additive manufacturing at the inspire AG icams institute. After completing my mechanical engineering degree, I started my first job here as a research engineer in the field of selective laser melting focusing on powder characterization and process development. After a short period as a research engineer in the research department of inspire AG, I switched to Irpd AG as a production manager in the service area. Since the beginning of 2019, I have been entrusted with site management of Irpd AG in St. Gallen."

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