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After more than five years of development, it is exciting to complete the first development stage of a project and have it ready for the market. We are also very excited when, with the release of this “Motion” issue, we can introduce our new cross-brand machine operating system C.O.R.E. With the combined expertise of all brands of the group of companies, we have developed a software architecture with which – so to speak – machine tools can be prepared for the digital future. In the cover story of this magazine, we introduce you to C.O.R.E.

The significantly improved connectivity of C.O.R.E. enables completely new forms of cooperation and data exchange. In the interview starting on page 20, I discussed the requirements for this exchange in the cooperation with two experts in digital ethics and trust.

In the second area of focus of this issue, we show how important human skills and extensive training are in digitalization. We will present our offers for the training of your employees in detail. And we present a few highly skilled craftsmen of our company. In these times of ever-faster-moving digitalization, it is important to remember that precision is still achieved by manual skills.

With this in mind, I hope you enjoy reading the latest issue of “Motion”!

Stephan Nell

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