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Motion Magazine


The first 30 years” is written on the cover of this issue of Motion. The history of our group has only just begun and we are continuing to write it every day. It’s a story in which our customers play the starring role. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust, loyalty, and valuable cooperation. But we also want to take a look at the past where the foundations were laid for so many of the things we stand for today.

How it all began” is the title of the interview in this issue. I will be talking to one of our founders Dr. Werner Redeker, former Chairman of the Board of Körber AG, about the historical beginnings of our Group. The Group dates back to the 1990s. Shortly after the death of the legendary Hamburg entrepreneur and founder Dr. Kurt A. Körber, the executive board of Körber AG began to get interested in expanding the machine tool division. The focus of interest was on other German and Swiss grinding machine manufacturers, which were, with a few exceptions, in a deep crisis at the time.

Back then, Dr. Eberhard Reuther was Chairman of the Executive Board of Körber AG. In the nineties, together with his later successor Redeker, he set about shaping Körber Schleifring, from which today’s UNITED GRINDING Group emerged. Reuther’s approach of forming a group to strengthen the resilience of individual companies and to facilitate international expansion has proven itself a success. We owe a lot to Eberhard Reuther. One conviction that we have taken from the Körber era, and constantly consolidated, is that joint success in long-term customer relationships is the foundation on which a lasting sustainable future can be built.

UNITED FOR YOUR SUCCESS is the headline of a long article in which we portray some international customer relationships and attempt to provide a response. UNITED FOR YOUR SUCCESS is our claim that describes briefly and concisely what we stand for. Together as a group, we are strong, and we want to use this strength to make our customers even more successful. This is our goal and the foundation of long-term customer relationships.It turns out that the most important things are the same as in all other personal relationships: good communication, trust, and shared values. This insight seems obvious, but the trick is putting it into practice in our everyday lives. We want to get better at this every single day.

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