Our history

1978 - 1990

Development of the machine tool division

  • Integration of BLOHM (founding year 1924) into Körber AG (1978)
  • Start of development of the Körber Group's machine tool division (1978)
  • Integration of SCHAUDT (founding year 1906) into Körber AG (1983)
1991 - 1995

Foundation and development of the SCHLEIFRING Group

  • Foundation of the SCHLEIFRING Group (1993)
  • Integration of BWF, MIKROSA (founding year 1878) and Chemnitz grinding machine factory (1993)
  • Integration of MÄGERLE and STUDER into the SCHLEIFRING Group (1994)
  • Opening of the Chinese sales and service office in Peking, China (1994)
  • Foundation of the American sales and service company (UGT) for the entire group (1994)
  • First joint trade show attendance (METAV 1994)
1996 - 2000

Consolidation of the SCHLEIFRING Group

  • Opening of the Schleifring office in Shanghai (1995) and Chongqing (1997)
  • Integration of JUNG (founding year 1919) into the SCHLEIFRING Group (1998)
  • Integration of EWAG (founding year 1946) into the SCHLEIFRING Group (2000)
2001 - 2005

Foundation of the China centre of excellence

  • Foundation of Körber Schleifring Machinery Co. Ltd. (KSMT) in Taicang, China (2004)
  • Integration of the Walter AG machine tool business and foundation of Walter Maschinenbau GmbH (2004)
  • Worldwide adaptation of Corporate Identity (2005)
2006 - 2011

Further development of the Asian market

  • Relocation of KSMT from Taicang to Shanghai and renaming as: Körber Schleifring Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (KSMS) (2008)
  • Start of production in China on an area of more than 16,000 m2 with a capacity of >25,000 operating hours
2012 - today



  • The holding company of the SCHLEIFRING Group moves to Bern, Switzerland (2012)
  • The Schleifring Group becomes the UNITED GRINDING Group (2013) .
  • The new machine design of the UNITED GRINDING Group is presented at the EMO in Hannover (2013).
  • Clear focus on innovation: Takeover of the services division of IRPD (Institute for Rapid Product Development) from the university-affiliated inspire AG and founding of Irpd AG. IRPD specializes in additive manufacturing processes and 3D printing. (2015)
  • In June 2018, UNITED GRINDING Group was acquired by an investor pool organized by the Swiss BZ Bank Aktiengesellschaft. The investor pool is made up of strategic long-term investors primarily located in Europe. The management of UNITED GRINDING Group is also part of this investor group.