This year, WALTER is celebrating something big: the 20th anniversary of the HELITRONIC VISION!

In 2003, the first HELITRONIC VISION was presented at the EMO trade fair. It was the first tool grinding machine with mineral cast machine bed and the linear technology in all three linear axes. A milestone in accuracy and surface quality. At the same time, we presented the HELITRONIC DIAMOND, a 2-in-1 eroding and grinding machine on the same machine base.

The latest upgrade came in 2022 with the introduction of the “Laser Contour Check” option. This offers the in-process control of various tool parameters without tool removal. Since this innovation, our HELITRONIC VISION is ready for the unmanned production.

Today, the HELITRONIC VISION is the strongest tool and cutter grinder in our machine portfolio. We will explain you how the machine got improved over the past 20 years and will still be in our new video “20 Years of HELITRONIC VISION”. Watch the video now below!


20 years of HELITRONIC VISION - The anniversary film