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Successful apprentices at the SwissSkills Championships 2020

This year, the automatic apprentices Luca Heger and Loris Schmied (both STUDER) as well as the polymechanics apprentices Lukretia Schindler (MÄGERLE), Gil Beutler and Lukas Bircher (both STUDER) successfully competed for the championship title at the SwissSkills Championships 2020. 


Polymechanics / Discipline Automation

The participation of our polymechanics apprentices was very successful: All three apprentices were among the top 10; Gil Beutler (STUDER) even won! Lukas Bircher (STUDER) reached the bronze rank and Lukretia Schindler (MÄGERLE) secured the 7th place.


Automation engineer

Our apprentices were also very successful in the field of automation. Loris Schmied (STUDER) together with his teammate Luca Meyer (RUAG Schweiz AG) can be happy about the silver medal, and Luca Heger (STUDER) together with his teammate Lars Schwarz (Robofact AG) reached the 3rd place.


Dedication, hard work and ambition pay off!

We are happy and proud of our apprentices! With a lot of commitment, hard work and a good portion of ambition they have proven themselves in their professions.

With Gil Beutler we will have a talented and motivated candidate also at the WorldSkills 2021 in Shanghai.

What are the SwissSkills?

The SwissSills Championships are the Swiss Professional Championships where hundreds of apprentices prove their skills. The SwissSills Championships 2020 will be held in 60 different professions in September and October 2020.

Despite the corona pandemic, the best young professional talents from a wide range of apprenticeship professions will be able to compete in a Swiss championship this year. 29 different professional associations will select a Swiss champion in 60 professions. In almost 40 professions, the SwissSkills Championships 2020 will serve as a qualification for the WorldSkills 2021, which will take place in Shanghai/China.

The UNITED GRINDING Group supports SwissSkills as a Silver Partner – because we see the professional training and promotion of future skilled workers as our responsibility.