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UNITED GRINDING Group Launches C.O.R.E. — Customer-Oriented REvolution

    The industrial production of the future is connected. Machine connectivity is the key phrase. A number of requirements must be met before networking is either possible or usable. UNITED GRINDING C.O.R.E. – Customer Oriented REvolution ensures these requirements. "The digital future begins with C.O.R.E.," stresses CEO Stephan Nell. The groundbreaking new hardware and software architecture was developed by the group’s specialists and premiered at the EMO 2021 in Milan. It opens up remarkable possibilities for networking, controlling and monitoring the production process and thus also for process optimization. And more: C.O.R.E. brings the user experience of operators into the world of the smartphone generation.

    When the public discussion about the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, intensified a few years ago, the UNITED GRINDING Group made the decision to invest more in the digital future together as a group — not only in the future of the group but above all the future of its customers. And thus the development of C.O.R.E. began. The aim and central focus of this development were to ensure increasing connectivity, i.e. the exchange of data between people, machines, and the production environment, and to create the basis for the operation of modern IoT applications. In addition, an intuitive operation was to be enabled to make the work easier for machine setters, machine operators, and maintenance staff. C.O.R.E. has turned this vision into reality — in a revolutionary way.


    Intuitive Operation

    It is reminiscent of a gigantic smartphone: The 24-inch full HD multitouch display identifies the next-generation machine tools equipped with the new C.O.R.E. technology. Navigation works like on a smartphone, using “touch” and “swipe.” Customers can also configure the user interface according to their individual requirements and arrange the most important functions and operating displays according to personal preferences — similar to the app overview on a smartphone home screen.

    Thanks to the new access system, which works via a personalized RFID chip, the individual user profile is automatically loaded. This not only makes it easier to log in and out of the machine, but is also significantly more secure. Another advantage: A roles profile is stored for each user, so users only see information relevant to them. This reduces complexity and helps prevents errors.

    When it comes to reducing complexity, it is also noticeable that the new C.O.R.E. panel has virtually no keys. There is a prominent rotary switch for feed rate override, allowing the axes to be regulated with a simple turn.

    The uniform use of the C.O.R.E. Panel across all brands also simplifies machine operation and makes training easier — anyone who knows how to operate one UNITED GRINDING machine can operate all of them.


    C.O.R.E. is More than Just an Innovative Control Panel

    The eye-catching new control panel is, of course, only the visible aspect for machines equipped with the new C.O.R.E. technology. “There were also major innovative developments behind the machine enclosure,” stresses Christoph Plüss, CTO of the UNITED GRINDING Group. C.O.R.E. OS, a full operating system, is installed on a high-performance industrial PC, the C.O.R.E. IPC. It serves as an IoT gateway and is home to all software applications. C.O.R.E. OS is also compatible with all CNC controls used at UNITED GRINDING.

    Furthermore, the new technology opens up a wealth of opportunities for connectivity. Not only can all machines with C.O.R.E. technology from the UNITED GRINDING Group be networked, but also third-party systems via implemented interfaces such as umati. This opens up direct access to UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions’ offeringsä on the machine — from remote service to the service monitor and production monitor. For example, support from the Group’s Customer Care Team can be requested directly at the C.O.R.E. panel. A chat feature ensures fast and easy support, and the integrated front camera even enables video calls.


    Highest Benchmark: User Experience

    In the development process of C.O.R.E., which lasted several years, software and process experts from all brands of the UNITED GRINDING Group pooled their expertise to design an unparalleled software architecture. “The user experience, i.e. the immediate experience of the users, has always been our top priority,” explains CTO Plüss. It is for a good reason that the abbreviation C.O.R.E. stands for Customer Oriented REvolution.

    In the area of operating systems and software architectures of machine tools, C.O.R.E. is a quantum leap, emphasizes company CEO Stephan Nell. “This means that our machines are ready for the digital future.” The C.O.R.E. technology presented for the first time at the EMO 2021 in Milan is still under development. “It lays the foundation upon which we can build,” explains Plüss. "Development will continue on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the flexible, modular structure of the software architecture, we will continuously add new features and applications. We intend to harness the concentrated software development power of our group for the benefit of our customers." Our goal is to inspire customers with a regular stream of new C.O.R.E. software releases and thus actively help to shape the digital future. In this way, the Group remains true to its ultimate goal of making its customers even more successful.