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Walter s.r.o. has prepared a unique program for young graduates without work experience

In September 2023, Walter s.r.o. in Kuřim will launch the first class of the Walter Future program. Walter Future is aimed at graduates of technical colleges. The program should ideally be completed within one year after graduation.

This is WALTER's reaction to the demand from technical school graduates in the Czech Republic who want to gain practical experience in the industry without being exposed to the pressure of being immediately deployed in a production process. The program is therefore designed as a system of professional development for high school graduates under the guidance of mentors from inside the company's professional staff. The advantage of the Walter Future program is that participants are employees of the company from the beginning, with corresponding salary and company benefits.

Those accepted into the program spend the first six months gradually getting to know the company and its various departments. They will gain practical experience in all production departments and in the second part of the program they will deepen their knowledge at a specific working place. They will also go on two small excursions during this time, to the mechanical production department and the logistics department. This not only gives them a better overview of the machines we manufacture, but also of the entire material flow, from components to the finished machine. The Walter Future program is completed by a practical exam and a certificate of completion. Upon completion of the Walter Future program, successful graduates are offered permanent employment and the opportunity for further career development.

The application phase for the program is already underway, as are admissions and interviews with graduates. We're already looking forward to September, when things kick off and we can welcome our first talented applicants.