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For 24/7 service, go to Remote

Driven by ever-increasing global competition and technological advancement, many manufacturers are working with increasingly stringent 24/7/365 part production plans. Whether you are running three shifts with active operators or employing automation and careful planning to run multiple installations unattended: this system produces a constant 24-hour flow of parts whenever the machines are in operation. Real problems arise when the machines fail after hours, long after your maintenance team and local service representatives have gone to bed.

What if you could interact directly with your machine, even when not physically present at the machine?

What if you could interact directly with your machine's OEM to get qualified remote service, even when you are not physically present at the machine? This isn't just a hypothetical questions when it comes to your grinding machines – Remote Service lets you access them from afar. Featuring TÜViT-certified cyber security and meticulous data separation, this powerful tool helps you to provide the data UNITED GRINDING needs to service your machine quickly and securely.

At the touch of a button, Remote Service connects the machine directly to UNITED GRINDING's professional online service experts for diagnostics. Machine status as well as alarm and error logs are sent over a secure connection to our team so that they can do real-time analysis and troubleshooting, allowing our support experts to use remote access to transfer software updates and other digital tools directly to your machine as needed. And thanks to the integration with Production Monitor, you can initiate a help call to Remote Service from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Remote Service also allows you to connect to the UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ Conference Center. This state-of-the-art facility enables secure conversations with technicians using video calls, text chats, digital whiteboards with photo functionality and VNC conferences. It even allows Customer Care employees to review a machine's service log, remotely control its HMI to diagnose problems and transfer updated files over the network.

For even faster service, you can also choose Remote Service PREMIUM, with a guaranteed response time of less than two hours during normal business hours for our responsible Customer Care organisation. The receipt of service requests is confirmed quicker, intervention takes place within an accelerated time frame and problems are resolved immediately.

All of this is part of the UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ package, which also includes the Production Monitor for machine monitoring and the Service Monitor for comprehensive information on scheduled maintenance.

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