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Plan ahead and keep your grinding machines in top condition.

Many users are reactive in their approach to the maintenance of machine tools and wait for geometry errors and rejects to reach a critical level before calling for authorized service. During this period, downtime increases compared to working hours, productivity, and profitability decreases. Instead of delaying maintenance work until problems actually occur production facilities can opt for a proactive strategy, whereby important grinding machines are thoroughly inspected at regular intervals.

« The philosophy behind prevention from UNITED GRINDING: an easy way to keep your machines running smoothly and without interruption »

Maintenance makes economic sense

Maintenance makes economic sense because, without proper care, machines can drift out of specification and develop vibrations and other costly malfunctions that affect proper performance. A well-maintained machine park helps manufacturing avoid above-average expenditure for spare parts and production downtimes. Preventive maintenance also diagnoses and corrects critical machine conditions that can endanger the safety of employees. As machine tools wear out, targeted maintenance keeps older equipment in operation and enables predictable repairs to be avoided.

By choosing UNITED GRINDING Prevention (Maintenance), you schedule predictable routine inspections and avoid emergency situations and downtimes. This preventive maintenance allows you to keep production performance under control and avoid  malfunctions that can jeopardize the production flow, especially during unmanned operation.

Our service technicians are the technicians that are OEM certified for work on the machine tools we sell. To meet the unique needs of each production, we apply our technical expertise and enable our customers to move away from a reactive - emergency-responsive - way of thinking.

For maintenance appointments, our service technicians follow a methodological plan for machine inspection and analysis that is developed by OEM engineers. These machine-specific checklists cover critical aspects of your grinding machines, including critical parts, electrical components, and the control system. Besides this, our service technicians will fine-tune your machines, to reduce sources of vibration that can affect the performance of mechanical components, including ball screw drives, bearings and fastening elements.

Maintenance is generally carried out according to a fixed schedule to ensure that critical parts are serviced or replaced in good time. At the same time, these maintenance programs include the flexibility to meet your specific planning needs and avoid conflicts with periods of high production or other important events. In addition to carrying out the scheduled maintenance, our experienced service technicians also recommend specific preventive measures to maintain efficiency. For this purpose, they conclude each periodic maintenance visit with a detailed report listing any remaining performance issues or parts that should be replaced.

« Your machine receives the expert and timely maintenance you need for optimal functionality and productivity - this is UNITED GRINDING Prevention »

Ultimately, the advantage of preventative maintenance from UNITED GRINDING is increased machine availability and production quality, the reduction of rejected parts and consequently improved profit margins. Proper periodic maintenance also extends the working life of critical manufacturing equipment and allows you to realize the full potential of your grinding machines. Instead of wondering if or when your equipment requires maintenance, you can be sure that your machines will receive authorized, expert, and timely maintenance that they need for optimal functionality and productivity.