laser processing machine LASER LINE ULTRA
Ultra-short pulse laser technology for maximum flexibility


Basic Data

The LASER LINE ULTRA handles all common cutting materials such as carbide, CBN, ceramic, PCD, CVD-D, and MKD in remarkable quality and finish grades. With clamping options up to 200 mm in diameter and up to 250 mm in length, it is very versatile in its potential applications and the first choice when maximum application flexibility is required.


Mechanical layout

The machine bed is made of gray cast iron, providing high stability and excellent vibration damping.

Linear drive

The LASER LINE ULTRA has linear drives on the X, Y and Z axes. The water-cooled direct drives can reach a maximum speed of 15 m/min.

Glass scales

The integrated glass scales provide a linear resolution of 0.0001 mm, promoting extremely high positioning accuracy.

Hardware / Software
  • Fully automatic loading using FANUC 6 axes robots with 24 HSK63 slots for rotary tools, as well as a pallet system for indexable inserts.
  • A conveyor-driven stacker extends pallet capacity up to 8 pallets.
  • Unchucked rotary tools can be inserted by means of hydraulic tensioning teeth.
  • Hydrodynamic clamping station to accommodate rotating tools.
  • 3D measuring probe for precise positioning and automatic correction of solder errors on indexable inserts.
  • High-dynamic C axis with integrated HSK63 tool clamping.
  • Automatic clamping station for indexable inserts.
Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 440 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 5'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 140 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 5'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 170 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 15'000 mm/min


Wave Length 1'064 nm
Repetition Rate 200 - 1000 kHz

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range B 220 °
Swiveling Range C ∞ °

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 250 mm
Workpiece Diameter 200 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 5 kg

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 17,323 inch
Max. Travel Speed X 197 inch/min
Max. Travel Y 5,512 inch
Max. Travel Speed Y 197 inch/min
Max. Travel Z 6,693 inch
Max. Travel Speed Z 591 inch/min


Wave Length 1,064 nm
Repetition Rate 200 - 1000 kHz

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range B 220 deg
Swiveling Range C ∞ deg

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 9,843 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0,004 - 7,874 inch
Max. Workpiece Weight 11,0 lbs
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