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Machine overhaul – an active contribution to environmental protection

45,000 operating hours. That is how long or even longer a 15-year-old grinding machine can be in use. What is capable of so much wears out, and this is especially noticeable in geometry and precision. High time to give the machine a sustainable overhaul. A machine overhaul turns an old machine into a machine as good as new, with tolerances the same as those on the original delivery. If machine demands have also changed, these can be configured and retrofitted during the reconditioning process according to customer demands. That makes economic sense. But not only that – anyone who overhauls their machine is making a major contribution to environmental protection. 


Machine tools are among the most sustainable products available. Why? They are characterized by a long service life and spare parts are available for all machine components over a long period of time. The suppliers guarantee software updates for the control components for several generations. A general overhaul allows a worn or malfunctioning machine to be rebuilt and then used again or sold. In reuse, entire machines or sometimes only parts of them are reused. 

The concept of recycling management

General overhaul plays an important role in the concept of recycling management. Due to their solid design and costly acquisition, companies often choose to thoroughly overhaul machine tools instead of scrapping them. Either the overhauled machines will continue to be used in the company for a long time, or they will be put on the market as used machines. This leads to a second and sometimes third machine life. If they are scrapped at the end of their life, almost all materials can be recycled or upcycled, because the materials used are primarily high-quality materials that can be reused. In addition, the productivity of the machines is extremely high and each individual component can therefore be manufactured in an energy and resource-efficient manner. 

From old to new

A rebuild, i.e. a machine overhaul, makes sense in many ways. The operator gets their usual machine back and continues working where they left off before the overhaul. And yet they are probably thrilled! Because their old machine is like new. The specialists at UNITED GRINDING dismantle the machine down to its individual components. The guideways are completely renewed, the assemblies overhauled, the wear parts in the electrical cabinet replaced, the hydraulic and lubrication system and all valves are also replaced. If old spare parts are no longer available, UNITED GRINDING will seek an alternative solution. The enclosure and components are sandblasted and then repainted. After the rebuild, the geometry corresponds to that of a new machine. Commissioning is carried out by Customer Care, including a functional and geometry test, all of which are CE-compliant. 

For companies that value environmental protection

The general overhaul is becoming increasingly popular among companies that are looking for a way to combat the current climate crisis. It helps reduce waste and pollution. As a result, the general overhaul technology benefits the development of the economy and the environment. To substantiate this, based on a calculation of data from the steel institute VDEh: by reusing a machine with a steel content of 4.5 tons, up to 6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 33 cubic meters of water consumption, and 20 MWh of primary energy consumption can be avoided. 

UNITED GRINDING customers save 900 tons

And what is the contribution of our customers?

UNITED GRINDING partially or completely overhauls 150 machines per year. Our customers are therefore helping to reduce emissions by saving around 900 tons of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of around 600 cars.

Are you interested in a rebuild by UNITED GRINDING? Our Customer Care team will be happy to provide you with more information.