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C.O.R.E. from UNITED GRINDING Group Nominated for UX Design Award 2022

A revolutionary product innovation from the UNITED GRINDING Group, C.O.R.E.Customer Oriented REvolution, has been nominated for a UX Design Award for its outstanding user and customer experience. The panel selected it from a pool of 300 submissions from 58 countries.


C.O.R.E. from the UNITED GRINDING Group brings to life a new machine interaction concept based on a modern hardware and software architecture. It standardizes operation of all machine tools from the UNITED GRINDING Group, with a new 24-inch multi-touch C.O.R.E. panel offering intuitive controls similar to a smartphone and personalized customization options. The clean design of the C.O.R.E. panel features only a few buttons, ensuring clean visuals. The virtual function keys are also only displayed when needed, further reducing complexity and eliminating potential sources of error. The role-specific interface, with the option of limiting the display to relevant information for the user role, also promotes simplification. In this way, C.O.R.E. improves the working experience both for the machine's operators as well as set-up and maintenance personnel. Another new feature is the integrated front camera, which enables quick and easy support also via video calls directly from the panel.


Nomination for Outstanding User and Customer Experience

The merits of C.O.R.E. also impressed the jury of the UX Design Awards 2022, earning it a nomination from among 300 products and projects from 58 nations for its convincing user and customer experience. The award is renowned as the top global competition for outstanding experiences, presented by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ).

“We are quite proud of this nomination,” says Christoph Plüss, CTO of the UNITED GRINDING Group. "For years, a large group-wide team of software, hardware, and process experts has been working diligently on C.O.R.E. with the target to create real added value for our customers in the area of user experience. We're very pleased to hear that we have succeeded."


UX Design Awards 2022 - Vote for the Public Choice Award until February 28!

Just the Beginning

However, C.O.R.E. encompasses much more than revolutionary machine operation. The groundbreaking hardware and software architecture opens up new possibilities for networking, controlling and monitoring the production process, and thus for process optimization. It also lays the foundations for the operation of modern IoT applications and thus opens the door to the digital future. Plüss promises: "This is just the beginning. We are constantly working on C.O.R.E., looking for even more improvements to make our customers’ work even easier." The UNITED GRINDING Group has set itself the goal of actively shaping the digital future and making its customers even more successful along the way.